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Job Search Tips – Creativity

Creativity In Your Job Search

When you are going for the job are you preparing by `thinking out of the box’ to differentiate yourself from other applicants?  We are in a period of more applicants than jobs, so this requires your best preparation and hard work.  We encourage you to embrace creativity in your efforts to land an interview and achieve a different and new job.

Many job seekers use creativity, defined as a rousing imagination, to their advantage.  After a client related a fun and successful approach he had taken, we asked recruiters and others to share `creative’ experiences and advice:

I dropped off a fresh-baked, apple pie with a piece missing to the hiring manager’s secretary.  Attached to the pie were my resume and a personal note that described me as the `missing piece’ looking forward to an interview and opportunity to demonstrate how I will benefit the organization.  I got the interview and the job.”

–client story

An applicant sent a soup-sized can with a unique, green label – it was the applicant’s biography, picture and a note asking for an interview and the job.”  This was a unique `resume’ that got attention and led to job interviews and the desired marketing job.”                        … recruiter

Two ways of `standing out’ are:  a) add a well-crafted P.S. to the bottom of your cover letter; this addition will get read;  e.g., I’m very interested in joining and contributing to ___ Company; and, b) develop a 30-60-90 Day Action Plan – a personalized, researched list of steps you will take to contribute and succeed; bring this plan to the interview.

–J. Sweeney, coach

Design memorable business cards to hand-out and exchange.  This is an essential step for networking and reaching the many `unpublished’ job opportunities.  Don’t forget to use the business cards of others for follow-up and enhancing your network.


Such imaginative approaches may work for you; however, always do your research and remember to be yourself and to pay attention to the basics:  Prepare, understand, market and use  your Success Attributes.  Approach the interview with confidence.  Listen carefully and ask thoughtful questions.  Be concise when answering the interviewer’s questions, and follow-up with a thank you letter and or an e-note.