Less is More

Less is More

Simple phrases make us think, energize us, and help us with our efforts to improve and reach new levels of understanding, happiness and achievement.  One of my favorites:  Be all you can be.    Here’s a valuable and proven phrase to help your job search, or career quest.  Less is More. 

Do you have a phrase that comes to mind or rings in your ears as a challenge or inspiration?

Focus your Message and Response

This applies to your job search documents as well as your conversations (including interviews).  Start by developing your success profile and then your documents (including your 1-page resume).  Your profile is your brand, your foundation, and is relevant to a possible employer. I encourage you to practice your examples and stories (preferably less than 60 seconds) for each of your traits/strengths.  Time is precious to you and those with whom you converse/interview.  Many have said that KISS is a powerful acronym and a way of life:  Keep It Simple, and Smart.

Shed and De-Clutter

Whether it’s our garage, desk, or mind, we can improve our lives with the acts of letting go of the past, embracing the future, and living in the present.  These are truly liberating actions.  Some suggestions include:  read Spencer Johnson’s The Present and being and living less in the past and future; try selling some of your `unused stuff’ and, consider sharing and giving and volunteering (whether it’s your time, talents or treasures).  Are you going to interviews with questions and an open mind or are you going with `all the answers’ and with `complexity’?  Most experts suggest that you leave the bling and bravo sierra behind.  Simplifying is liberating.

Think Outside the Box

Take time to think about alternatives, possibilities, and new directions.  Many have described insanity as `doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting different results’.  Remember that you’ve developed a variety of experiences and talents; and that someone needs you to help them solve problems and achieve their objectives.  Is it time to consider new objective(s) and/or a different and improved path for your pursuit of a new job?  Take Action and enjoy the journey, today!  Carpe Diem – one step at a time, one action at a time, and by:

  • Networkingexpanding your circle with a call, a follow-up, and a personal visit.
  • Volunteering (offering assistance) and Learning while seeking your new position.
  • Procrastinating less and taking more (positive and improved) action!

GO for your quest with this mantra:  Less is more.



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