Finding a Job – Networking

Networking Is The Most Likely Method
of Finding a New Job

Yes, the internet, which continues to rapidly expand, and newspapers continue to vie for the interest and dollars of both employers and applicants.  Agencies and Search Firms also are active and not to be overlooked.  However, remember that only half the jobs filled each year are advertised.  Who do you know?  Who are your contacts?  How are you connecting?

We speak about the use of your References as your Job/Career Advisory Board, and many of you have found this to be the best starting point for your network and the source of finding your new position.  I highly recommend that you continue building networking skill by: making new and different contacts (business, professional, and personal) and cultivating relationships.  Try making deposits to all of your relationship accounts with assistance, friendliness, encouragement, appreciation, interest and inquiry.

What questions are you asking of your network?  Are you asking for feedback, advice and contacts?

As for questions, how many of you have interviewed without preparing questions?  Did you miss an opportunity to ask:  How does an employee succeed at ______?  What are other people like at _____?  Or, how do employees succeed on your team?  If you seek first to understand, you will learn about them and the job as well as impress them with your interest and savvy.  Questions expand your network and success.

Fundamentally, asking for assistance and advice is not an intrusion or sign of weakness; rather, it is an act of maturity and the recognition of the interdependence of our humanity

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  1. Valerie Taloni February 9, 2013 at 9:46 am #


    As one who used be in a position to hire, I cannot stress enough the importance of preparation: learn about the organization with which you’ll be interviewing, and be prepared to ask some good questions.

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