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Know your Brand

I’ve been emphasizing that your job search requires the Three P’s (Positive Attitude, Persistence, and Preparation).  Also, you should be developing and using Your Portfolio – a `framework’ to assist your preparation and success.

The first step and tool is to identify your Success Profile which is your unique Strengths – your skills, personality traits, and accomplishments/achievements.  This is a foundation for marketing yourself as well as for learning and growing.   Your brand is a brief  summary and expression of your Success Profile.

How well do you know your brand?  Have you checked-in with your friends and family and associates to validate it?  Have you practiced speaking about it with clear and crisp examples?

I have developed a questionnaire and tool to help identify, clarify, and communicate your strengths, your Brand.  Contact me for further explanation and to begin developing and then describing your brand.

Additional elements for Your Portfolio include:  your resume and your references list; a list of your network  and contacts; research (on companies, industries, market trends, etc); job search advice (e.g., sample interview questions for rehearsal); a marketing plan (your specific job targets, actions and timeline); a log (of your activity)




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