Going BIG

Going BIG

This is the first in a series of posts about “going” … We end the year with the thought of going “big” and with some thoughts about goal setting.  I trust that you will wrap-up this year and begin the next with some big thoughts and actions.  This is my holiday wish for you and yours!

What are your goals, today?  What are your goals, this week and month?  Have you set your goals for the year? Have you begun setting them for next year?   I trust that the acronym – SMART – will assist you to better define and achieve them.  Again, it stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused and Time bound.

Are your goals big enough?  Jack Welch coined the concept of `stretch goals.’  Following is an example and a few thoughts about what they can be for you:

Putting men on the moon in the decade of the 60’s was a huge `stretch’ and was clearly `smart’. A small and giant step was achieved in 1969 with countless benefits.

When you look at your career and, your next job … what is your big objective?  Is it a stretch for you? 

By `going big’ … you are making a bold statement and expanding your potential.

When you stretch, you are challenging yourself to:  learn new skills; grow; develop ideas, and expand your relationships; experiment and practice; overcome the fear of disappointments and failures, move through, around, and beyond the hurdles ahead; and achieve success.

 Today, now, is a good time to double check our goals with these questions:

 Where am I going?

 Am I stretching enough to make a difference?

 I encourage you to stretch, be bold, and go BIG.  




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