Going Faster

Going Faster

 How are you going about finding that next `rung on the ladder’ – your next job? 

Our focus in this series is on some key considerations; and in this issue we suggest you focus on speed … increase the velocity and pace of your search efforts … in other words, going faster!

 I’m reminded of the fable of the Tortoise and the Hair.  Yes, it’s true that the Hair, who goes sprinting out of the box and races ahead, is often the `loser’ at the finish line.   Why?  Perhaps, ran out of gas; or, hit an obstacle and stumbled; or, lost sight of the goal with a premature celebration, over-confidence, or an unnecessary break.

Better yet, the Tortoise – picked-up the pace and overcame the slower start with determination, increased capability, and inner strength and solid confidence to win.  By focusing on the goal, taking responsibility, improving and increasing his stamina and pace, the Tortoise wins.

How are you spending each day?  Are you getting up earlier to seek out positions, expand your network, rehearse your `introduction’, and follow-up?  Don’t go slowly.

Are you procrastinating?  Focus on your objectives and take action … move quickly.

Do you walk with `the weight of the world’ on your shoulders?   Let go … get going!

Are you burdened with cumbersome minutia and/or too many distractions? 

 Forget them and pick-up the pace.




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