Job Search Tips – Preparation Plus

Preparation Plus Other “Powerful P’s”

Job seekers will benefit by considering some “Powerful P’s”.

Preparation:  When you decide to seek another job, remember to plan.  Begin by researching the overall market, specific industries, and companies of interest.  The internet, newspapers and journals, and your network will provide insights.  Simultaneously, look in the mirror – assess your current condition and intentions.  Develop your Success Profile – your important traits:  talents and abilities; results and accomplishments; and personality.  Then develop examples and `stories’ about your top 3-5 unique ones for inclusion in your documents and upcoming conversations.  Also, develop an objective statement with specifics such as timing and other critical, desired outcomes.  To assist your preparation, we’ve developed a Monthly Action Plan – a new interview tool that many of you will be able to use effectively.  Please contact us for details.

Positive Attitude:  You have a choice – the choice of empowering yourself with self-confidence, and with self-assurance.  Why?  Remember, the importance of `first 10-second’ impression that’s made of you during a phone or in-person interview.  Additionally, your ongoing success will require your very best attitude in your ever-improving relationships with others.  You will be required to turn negatives into positives, handle objections, and learn from your setbacks.  This is also about praising when working with others (not criticizing them) and about being principled and dependable (not negative or erratic).

PersistenceMany job-hunting experts speak about the lack of follow-through as the primary cause for not finding the new job.  When you meet others and expand your network, are you exchanging business cards and are you visiting and/or calling them to seek advice and contacts?  When interviewed, are you asking questions?  After the interview  are you sending a thank-you note (or e-card)?  When you get stalled by others, are you asking questions, seeking information and demonstrating your interest?  Are you making follow-up telephone calls?  Are you connecting with your References (your Job/Career Advisory Board) and asking for assistance, contacts, suggestions and support (and vice versa)?

Once prepared and embracing a positive attitude and persistence,  you’re ready to take action: begin calling, making contacts, and going for the job.

Avoid Procrastinating:  Today is the day to take action and remember – Beginning is half-done.  Start by defining and then accomplishing at least Five Daily Actions to get your job search going.  At the end of the day, check-off your accomplishments and write-down five for tomorrow.

Pursue your Potential!   Keep your eye on the prize – the new job that’s full of promise and possibility. 



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