Job Search

Job Search is not easy

Perhaps you are asking yourself, What is the best way to find a job.

Let’s begin by focusing on employers and their requirements.  Employers are interested in whether or not you can do the job.  They will be examining whether you have the required skills and abilities and a personality that fits with them and their customers.  They want to know about your qualifications, experiences, and potential.  Also, understand that they identify and hire new employees using several different methods.  Employers will advertise their openings via print and the internet; use agencies and occasionally retained search firms; yet, most often they rely upon another method – networking.  Call me to discuss what it really is and how to do it better.  I am happy to share some ideas with you.

Here’s a job search tip.  One of my key frameworks is all about the importance of summarizing your qualifications which I call your Success Profile [this is also a book title written by one of the nation’s leading executive search authorities, Lester Korn].   What is the best way to describe your talents, achievements, and personality traits?  You should know and then use both words and examples to describe your strengths.  Your job search success depends on how confidently you describe your brand.

What is the process?  The first step is preparation and starts with understanding and establishing your Success Profile.  These are the important job search steps and some important questions:





  Who are you?  Where are you?  Where are you going?  

How do you introduce yourself?  How do you communicate?


I can help you find a job with the proven Job Search Method as well as with ideas, tips, a great resume, cover letter, and coaching dialogue.  We will discuss and work on questions such as the following:  How are you introducing yourself?  What job best suits your personality and your skill set?  How can you network more effectively?  How much time are you committing to expand your network?  Are you effectively using social media resources to connect with others?  Are you considering starting your own business?  Do you behave as if you own your business and/or your job?  What are you learning?  What and how are you improving? And, where and how are you looking for opportunities?

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