Meet Jon

Meet Jon Hanshus,
Your Job Search and Career Coach

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For several decades I have been assisting individuals and teams to learn, improve their skills and results, and achieve their quests for growth and success.  I am also committed to continuous improvement and am looking forward to working with you.

I have learned and applied business, leadership and communication skills on athletic fields (e.g., three varsity letters with my Dartmouth College baseball team which earned two league championships); in Viet Nam as an Infantry Platoon Leader and Company Commander; in sales and marketing with IBM and Polaroid (earning recognition as a Regional Marketing Representative of the Year); and in the human resource field (helping business units and colleagues and clients achieve heightened levels of success from promotions to recognition and reward). I also have been honored by my colleagues; and served as Chair of the International Personnel Association.  Baseball and boating are my favorite metaphors for dialogue and learning.

Authoring an Interview Strategies guide and Going for the Job e-newsletters.  I have recently completed a memoir manuscript, Postcards to Jon (my son) which is in the final editing phase.  I am often asked to speak to groups on a variety of topics: Employment Trends, Hiring Practices, Effective Communications, and Time and Change Management.  Consider joining my blogGoing for the Jobwith your questions and insightsCheck out the blog.

Go for the job You’ll Love, and You’ll Never have to Work a Day in Your Life[credit to Confucius and other sages]

I also enjoy working with small business leaders, entrepreneurs, and specialists to help them improve their processes and grow their business, to find and develop their human resource talent, and to develop their personal leadership, marketing communications, business skills, plans, and results.

Learn about SEA Quest Associates and my associates, talented and successful specialists and advisers at

Seek and Earn to Achieve Your Quest [Norsk proverb and inspiration]

Seek, serve, simplify & Earn, empower, enjoy & Achieve, adapt, align [21st century enhancement]