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Are You Looking For Career Advice?

If you need help finding a job and your best career path,
an experienced, third-party resource can assist you.

As a baseball catcher in the distant past, a former nautical captain, an HR professional, and as a coach,  I see my role and service to you in terms of helping with:

 Clarity – Confidence – Capability*

Are you motivated to discover new opportunities, build relationships, become a multiplier* and achieve positive results and success?  I will provide you with some helpful and valuable career and job search assistance.

What is the difference between a job and a career?  Lester Korn, said, `your job belongs to your employer; and your career belongs to you’.  Consider also this descriptive phrase as a useful metaphor:

“Your job represents a rung on your ladder.”

Our work is frequently with others – colleagues, customers and suppliers.  And, whether we are employed by someone else, or are running our own business, or are solopreneurs … we have a job – we have work to do.  Furthermore, it is done in the context of a career, with a past and a future … and with an important set of responsibilities in our current role in the present.  You will find a post on the subject and concept of `my own job’ on my blog.

The following questions are the beginning of a coaching dialogue to assess and re-energize your career:

      • What foundation do you have in terms of personality strengths, skills and accomplishments?
      • Currently, what are you working on?  What are you learning?
      • Are you meeting and/or exceeding your expectations?
      • Is it time to discover and build upon your strengths?
      • What are your career goals?
      • What is your dream job?
      • How are you going to go for it?
      • How will you know when you have it?

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Check out the blog.

* [credit to Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach]