Sample of Questions that I Hear Most Often

Q.  I’m not getting any response from posting my resume online (whether using Monster, Career Builder, The Ladders, etc) … what’s wrong with my resume?

A.  First, you are not alone.  The response rate from these sites is very low (less than 20%) and actual matching of people and jobs is even less.  These sites are terrific for information and indications of which fields and companies are hiring.  Research and data reveal that networking and other methods are far more likely to match you with a position.  Regarding your resume, I believe that too many resumes read like a job description and reveal very little about you.  Forward your resume to me and I will offer you specific suggestions for improvement.

Q.  Help!  I keep hearing that I’m `overqualified’.  How should I respond?

A.  Your preparation includes anticipating some key questions – including this one – and rehearsing positive, appropriate responses.  You should also practice a general technique for handling objections found in my guide – Interview Strategies.  I’m happy to share this with you and discuss specific response possibilities.

Q.  I haven’t interviewed for a job in over ten years, how can I prepare?

A.  Review my guide, Interview Strategies, and let’s talk … rehearse, prepare your questions, etc.

Q.  How many references should I have?

A.  I recommend three to five – a combination of professional and personal.  You should not only contact them to alert them; you should be asking them for support, ideas, feedback, and referrals.

Q.  Do I need to list all my previous jobs on my resume?

A.  Not necessarily, recent work experience (the past 10 years) is particularly important.  Also, there are alternative presentations to detailed, chronological recitations of your experiences and education. Generally, a one-page resume is most effective; attachments can be used to provide more details.

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