Services – Description and Fees

Success Profile

Your “brand” and “strengths” – a summary of your qualifications: a description of your key talents, personality traits, and accomplishments; use it in documents and during interviews. Starting at $100

Resume Review

Review of your resume with comments, suggestions for improvement, plus job search tools and tips. $50

Resume Writing

Compelling document created for you that summarizes your qualifications (more than just duties, experiences and education). Completion of your Success Profile is a prerequisite. Starting at $100

Cover Letters and References etc

Attention-getting narratives created to summarize your qualifications; don’t forget the importance of other job-search tools such as your LinkedIn profile and business/contact cards. Starting at $25

Job Search Tips and information

Job search tips and information are included for the most part in other areas of services; order the Interview Strategies Guide, an informative interview tool separately for $10


Job search and career dialogue to help you plan, take action, and achieve your objectives as well as to clarify, build confidence, and competence. Fees are t.b.d.

These are Customized Services for You

Your total investment will be determined by a number of factors, including complexity, time, and your needs.

Your first step is contacting me for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.