Time Out

Time Out

“Time out” is an expression used by coaches, players and parents to signal a break – a rest point to relax, catch some air, pause, reassess and plan, regroup, and/or change direction.  We all need to take them.  Recently, I’ve taken a medical break [and time out from `going for the job’ activities] to end the pain of arthritis and get used to a new hip.  Wow … it’s a great feeling to walk pain-free, once again.

Does your job search need a time out?  Does it need some reassessment; and/or a new plan of action?  Consider:

If the job-hunting journey you are on is not going well … if you’re exhausted, discouraged and distracted, perhaps a time-out is required.  Re-examine your plan, priorities and use of your time.  Refresh and recharge yourself.  Pause and remove the pain.

Are you broadening your network by asking others, “who else and what else”?  Are you considering some new approaches such as adding creativity to your search?

Can you volunteer your time and talents for a change-of-pace?

Can you add a new skill or two?  Have you been procrastinating about learning how to use your PC to more of its potential?  or, learning how to write 1-page proposals (issue:  pros and cons; recommendation) on topics and subjects that are near and dear to you?

Are you `stepping out of the box’?  Try brushing your teeth with the brush in the other hand, or experiment with another behavioral challenge.

Are you following-through and achieving your annual (or other timeframe) goals?

Have you reviewed and used your Success Profile?  Practice discussing your strengths with ease and with examples and stories.  Contact me if you don’t know what this is.

Yes, your job-search journey is challenging. Try some of these actions and keep in mind, you’ve overcome hurdles before and will again.



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